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Maybe Dora’s not a whore after all

Okay, maybe my last post was a bit premature.  I think the Dora people are totally fucking with us.  They released an intentionally controversial silhouette to cause an uproar when there’s really nothing to be concerned about.  And I even have proof to support my wild conspiracy theories.


She’s wearing pants.  Everyone should put their pitchforks down and disperse in an orderly fashion.  It’s going to be okay.  In case you’re curious, I did a brand new interpretation based on this newly discovered evidence.


You’re welcome, you lucky bastards.

UPDATE:  Nailed it.  Thanks to Jen for pointing this out.




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Whora the explorer

Mattel and Nickelodeon have released a silhouette of the new Dora the Explorer design that will come out this fall.


Apparently, this scandalous preview is causing quite a controversy and there’s even a petition to try to put a stop to her makeover.  Danny at Dad Gone Mad called Dora out on this years ago but I wasn’t sure what the big deal was until I played with the design in Paint.  OMG, she’s a total whore.


UPDATE:  Or maybe not.


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