Hi there. I’m the Husband. Specifically, I’m Kelly‘s husband for almost TEN FREAKIN’ YEARS. I’m also a dad of three little angels: seven-year-old Big D, three-year-old Smella, and one-year-old Boobers. We live in Indianapolis, but I’m originally from Arkansas. It’s a long story, but Kelly will be happy to tell you all about it.

I started this blog so that Kelly would shut the hell up and stop nagging me to start a goddamn blog already because I truly enjoy writing. I also enjoy messing with Hoosiers, spoonerisms, and taking bong walks on the leech (Kelly’s all “You just said that so you could put the word ‘bong’ in there.” She’s right. And now I’ve put it in there twice. Nice). Oh, and ice cream. I like ice cream. A LOT. My turnoffs include taking yourself too seriously, religious zealotry, and Neapolitan ice cream where the strawberry touches the chocolate.

If you’re wondering what the deal is with the lame-ass name “The Husband Blog,” it’s because Kelly always refers to me as “the husband” on her blog and I’m the kind of ass who thinks being all literal like that is sooooo clever. Also, my real name is pretty unique. For the time being, I kinda like the relative anonymity.


One response to “About

  1. Just wanted you to know that I figured out how to get your blog via RSS feed.
    I know, I know. Another woman telling you what to do, right? Sorry.
    One is enough, I know.

    At any rate, when I found out who calls you “the husband” – I laughed again!
    I love “not insane, per say” – so, no wonder I love your blog too. Figures.


    Let me know when you kid’s start blogging so I know that they’ve just gotta be funny too!

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