How I know astrology is bullshit

As I was doing the sudoku in today’s Indianapolis Star, my eyes wandered down to the horoscopes.  I swear to Jaysus mine said:

You rediscover your talent for writing.  You’ll impress others.

I literally laughed out loud.



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8 responses to “How I know astrology is bullshit

  1. I think it might be better stated, “Further prove that astrology is BS.” There’s loads of prove beyond that little nugget.

  2. Ol' Anon

    That’s “Hayzoos”, man.

  3. Not if you’re Irish, it’s not. (Hi, Husband!)

  4. Joe

    This was a lot more succinct than mine :), but if you’re interested in an angry, yet scientific refutation of astrology, I have posted one here:

    • Impressed

      I’m impressed with your article on atrology, although I could have done with less swearing, but you did at least put a disclaimer, and I guess the fact that people are scamming others does merit some rage 🙂

      • Sam

        I agree, well done. Damn well done, actually. Too bad 10000000 people will read their horoscopes tomorrow, and maybe 1 will read that article….

  5. letterk

    just realized, astrology has become pretty much like a belief or a religion. People just tend to use it as a boost of confidence cause no one else will give it to them. People need it to feel secure about themselves whether it be appearance or career. If you have seen how characteristics are portrayed in astrology you will realize what these people do to continue scamming people. eg. scorpios are sexy, but if you find an ugly one, its the placements. The lies that need to be told to cover the previous lie is just amazing and yes, brilliant as well. Major money making method? just to keep them coming back for more.

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