H:  I just realized that it takes 7 keystrokes to type the word “it’s” with my T9 turned on.

W:  Ok


H:  How many does it take on your phone?

W:  Four. Why did you curse at me?

H:  But it only takes 3 to type “its”

H:  Because 7 is way too many

W:  You’re a dumb dumb though

H:  I think I’m just gonna use “its” from now on

W:  Good to know

H:  And i know its gonna annoy the shit outta you. Thats all

W:  You do anyway buddy.

H:  Good to know

H:  Its annoying isnt it?


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One response to “Husband/Wife

  1. it’s annoying but “it’s” normal… 🙂

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