Fact and Opinion

1.  Apparently, Kelly wants to start some kind of blog war, but I’m not biting.

2.  So now they’ve arrested eight people because Michael Phelps smoked pot.  And Kellogg’s has dropped him.  So I guess that anyone who has smoked pot is not qualified to endorse Kellogg’s?  For instance, there are several American presidents who are not good enough for Kellogg’s.  I think they’re saying that they have higher standards than the American voter.  I’m pretty sure that’s a blatant insult to all Americans.

3.  I knew there was something not right about giraffes.  I just didn’t know how evil they really are.

4.  Why can’t the banks forgive a dollar of a taxpayer’s credit card, mortgage, or other debt for every dollar they receive in bailout funds?  Or even a dime for every dollar?  A penny?  Work with us here, guys.

5.  The best part of the weather warming up enough to melt the foot of snow we had here in Indianapolis?  Driving without wearing a coat.  I’m pretty sure it’s the best thing ever.



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3 responses to “Fact and Opinion

  1. Kelloggs is just being stupid here, stoners are a VERY close second to their target audience in the consumption department~ they could go after consumers that want McDonald’s fries, but are too lit to drive… cause in Stonerland, a dog-bowl of cereal would be an acceptable substitution.

    Giraffe’s are still not more evil than Best Buy, there’s no footage of that though, huh? It’s a conspiracy, I’m telling ya.

  2. So….um….which giraffe won there? That was truly bizarre. Like a slow motion fight using the world’s heaviest wet noodles.

  3. I think they called a truce due to exhaustion. So yeah it was kinda pointless in the end.

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