The irony of it all

I saw this commercial for the first time last night.

Mmmmmkay.  If you couldn’t read the small print, it said “What has weed done for you?”  Let’s break this down a little.

“I stole from my little sister.”

Believe it or not, potheads don’t typically steal to buy weed.  Sure it’s possible this has happened at some point in the history of the world, but people have stolen to get all kinds of stuff.  Like shoes.  Or Legos.  Or iPods.  I think what they’ve done is confused pot with crack.  And just in case you’re wondering, I’ve never heard of anyone sucking a dick to support their pot habit either.

“I got straight D’s.”

Why didn’t they have anyone on that got straight A’s?  I know smokers who have done that.  Also, there are people who have never even lit up once that get straight D’s.  Should we outlaw stupid people?

“I left my ex-girlfriend 27 messages last night.”

This time they got pot confused with alcohol.  It’s called drunk dialing.  We’ve all been there.

“I made my mother cry.”

Your mom needs to get out more.  “I made my mother high” is a more likely scenario anyway.

“I let people draw on me.”

I would guess that you got drunk and passed out if you let people draw on you, but for the sake of argument let’s pretend you were stoned instead.  You provided your friends with a few minutes of quality entertainment.  Yeah? So?  That’s actually pretty cool of you.  I bet your friends think you’re awesome.

“I ditched my friends and let them find their own way home.”

Riiiiight.  Potheads are notorious for abandoning their friends and being pretty damn unfriendly all around.  It was at this point that I knew this couldn’t be an anti-alcohol PSA because then it would say “I gave my friends a ride and we crashed and then we all died.”



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5 responses to “The irony of it all

  1. sohumborn

    That ad is so off target it cracks me up every time it’s on.

  2. Ane

    LOl! 😀 this commercial is hilarious! 😀

  3. ladylynx

    Yeah, all these points sounds like someone went to too many frat parties in college (and got chiefed AFTER they harassed their ex-girlfriend via phone). If they smoked some weed instead, they’d realize how off target they really are.

  4. I just wonder how many people really believe this nonsense. Even if someone fell for all this, I can’t imagine it actually deterring anyone because all these things they allege are pretty benign.

    “If you do this, people might draw on you” is an incredibly weak argument to convince someone not to do something that is supposedly so harmful that it should be not only regulated but completely banned.

  5. Yeah, this is like calling pot “a performance enhancing drug” Inaccurate in the extreme. If they want to deter kids from smoking pot, they need to bring up the ‘it will make you drive slower than your grandmother, but in your head, you’ll be doing NASCAR speeds’ angle, which is Uncool, and would go much further towards promoting their cause.

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