Fact and Opinion

1. I’m starting to get over my case of Post-Election Fatigue Syndrome.  I’ll try to post more now.  And ease up on the political crap.

2. A wrong number popped up on my cell phone today so I ignored it like I always do with numbers I don’t recognize.  They’ll leave a message if it’s important.  A minute later they called back.  I answered it the second time to inform them that they had the wrong number.  After I said hello, the lady on the other end mumbled/slurred something into my ear. I told her she had the wrong number and hung up.  A couple minutes later, she called back.  This time she left a voicemail. I had to listen to it about five or six times to get it all transcribed for you:  “BOO YA! Lil girl.  You know i will.  Cuz I’m not scared of none of you folks out there on Mitthoeffer, Post, none of ya.  Okay?  Boo ya!  Cunt.”  Right back atcha.

3. A couple of nights ago, as I was getting ready to give Smella a bath, she cocked her head to the side, crossed her arms, and demanded to know:  “Why is the mustard in the bathroom?”buddies4. I’ve been sitting here eating a Butterfinger Sonic Blast for the last twenty minutes and the wife is nagging me to get off the damn computer already so let’s wrap this up.

5. I’ll post more tomorrow.  I swear.


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