Today’s mail

And we didn’t even get any from Obama or McCain today.  Does this stuff actually work?  Has anyone ever pulled one of these out of their mailbox and said, “Son of a bitch!  This guy will protect our future!  Obviously, that other prick will work tirelessly to destroy our future.  I know who I’m voting for now!”  Or “Our veterans did their job but our congressman didn’t?  Unbelievable!”  Or “Oh my god, I’m totally switching my vote because this lady shared a drink with a guy whose uncle once had a one night stand with a woman whose first husband once lived in the same state as this one guy who once said, ‘Really, do you really need an Uzi for self defense?  Seriously?’  Oh hell no!”  Or “See, I just can’t bring myself to vote for some a-hole who eats babies on the taxpayers’ dime.  But then again, it says right here that his opponent refuses to amend the constitution to make sure the gays can’t tie the knot.  And he’s also black.”


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