Warning: this is a boring political post

Here’s a great picture from the speech the other day.  I am one of the pixels all the way on the left underneath the trees.  How cool is that?

(Photo credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

I still can hardly believe that Indiana is a real live swing state this year.  It’s crazy.  The last time a Democrat won Indiana was 44 years ago.  That’s also the last time the Indianapolis Star endorsed a Democrat for president.  Even this year, they still can’t bring themselves to endorse a Democrat but they have at least decided to remain neutral this time around which should be considered a victory for Barack Obama.

Honestly, it’s always felt a little pointless even voting in Indiana no matter who you were supporting because it seemed like the outcome was predetermined.  For example, in 2004, George W. Bush won Indiana 60-39.  That’s 21 points.  That’s a landslide.  He won Indiana by a bigger margin in 2004 than he did in 2000.  That means that after four years of Bush, Indiana didn’t just narrowly approve of a second term.  No, Indiana practically begged for more.  Fucking amazing.  But even more amazing is the fact that Obama is not just competitive but leading in some Indiana polls right now.  I think people have finally had enough.

I used to feel a little sympathy for John McCain.  He happened to be the Republican nominee in a year that Republicans are finally having to answer for the last eight years.  But after the disgraceful campaign he has run over the past month or so, he deserves to be trounced.

And then, of course, there’s Sarah Palin.  Jesus.  Christ.  McCain certainly riled up the base with her, but that’s not very helpful in an election that will probably be decided by independents and swing voters.  I think the day McCain picked Palin was the day that he finally completely lost his shit.

Now it looks like Palin’s vying for the 2012 nomination.  And I know that sounds like a great idea to the die-hard religious right wingers but if the Republican party wants to be taken seriously again, they should probably send her back to Alaska and pretend she never happened.  Even the Anchorage Daily News has now endorsed Barack Obama for president, for crying out loud.  I guess that shows how red Indiana really is.

I told you this would be boring.


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  1. Eric

    Cool picture. I was at the first rally. After losing millions of manufacturing jobs, running up the deficit, many being without healthcare, not getting an increase in wages for years, nearly losing Social Security in the Stock Market, etc, all while the cost of living continually increases, I think they get it. I hope so. I know a lot of life-long republican family and friends that will be voting for Obama in Indiana this time. Obama/Biden -08

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