Same difference

Everyone keeps saying that Sarah Palin is just like you and me and that somehow this supposed similarity is a qualification to run the United States of America.  I disagree.  On both points.  Nonetheless, I made a list of similarities and differences between Sarah Palin and me.

SIMILARITY:  Both of us are terrible at interviews.

DIFFERENCE:  I’m also bad at public speaking.  Then again, I’ve never used a teleprompter.

SIMILARITY:  Neither one of us has ever been to Russia.

DIFFERENCE:  I’m not running for Vice President.

SIMILARITY:  We both could legitimately be described as white trash.

DIFFERENCE:  I make way less money.

SIMILARITY:  We both have desks at work.

DIFFERENCE:  I’m not the focus of any ethics investigations.

SIMILARITY:  Neither one of us knows how to fix the economy.

DIFFERENCE:  I did know what the Bush Doctrine was before Charlie Gibson asked about it.

SIMILARITY:  Our hometowns have populations under 10,000.  In fact, mine has less than 100.

DIFFERENCE:  There are more people in Indianapolis than the entire state of Alaska.

SIMILARITY:  At night, we can both see stars from our houses.

DIFFERENCE:  I realize that this does NOT make me an astronomer.

SIMILARITY:  Neither of us should be Vice President.

DIFFERENCE:  I understand this.



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5 responses to “Same difference

  1. Now if we could only turn that last difference into a similarity, we may be doing all right. My sister cracked me up when she sent the email from one of the people in the town Sarah Palin was a mayor of along with her (my sis) saying that even if we took the cup of Kool-aide (meaning the speech at the convention) she didn’t want anyone drinking it until they knew what was used as sugar. I agree with you totally. Here’s to knowing the difference between a stargazer and an astronomer!

  2. Cheryl

    Actually, I have more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin. Like Sarah I lived in an area where if Russia invaded they would go past my air space. In the early 80’s I lived for three years near the then Soviet Czech border in West Germany. Like Sarah since I didn’t work for the Army or Air force I would have nothing to do with the response if it happened. I had trade negotiations with the natives (without the benefit of a translator, by the way). I went on a tour of the east/west German border. I also lived on the Mexican border for a year. Once I attended a dinner where the govrnor of my state and his wife were in attendance and actually used the ladies room at the same time as his wife. (She was a very nice woman)Does this qualify me to be vice president?

  3. Thank you for this, it made me laugh out loud. With all the stuff written about Ms. Palin, this was probably the most concise and funniest piece I’ve read today.

  4. I was searching through LinkReferral and found your site.. And am now laughing hysterically, in addition to Stumbling the entry. Kudos to you for knowing what the Bush Doctrine is– you’re well on your way to the Vice Presidency!

    And since your blog was so great, here’s a link to my own McCain-Palin tribute. (It would appear that I’ve been watching way too much television in my off-time.)

  5. Thanks for the great comments. I can’t wait to see what she says tomorrow night. I think I might have to try this.

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