A slightly shinier turd

See, this is why I’m jealous of the wife.  She can take a simple thing like somebody dropping a dime in the drive-thru and turn it into a whole blog post.  And I bet she wrote that in about a minute and a half.  I just can’t do that.  I’m lucky if I can squeeze out more than two posts in a week.  Kelly comes home from work and offhandedly says “somebody dropped a dime in the drive-thru” and I immediately know that the following morning she will have a perfectly polished story ready to post.  I guess that’s her process.

Mine involves racking my brain for a blogworthy topic (usually on the way home from work or late at night).  Next, I save any ideas as notes in my phone’s notepad as soon as possible so I don’t forget them (Today’s note said “Turd in the machine.”  Seriously).  Then I take the idea (the “turd,” if you will) and insert it into my mind (let’s call it the “machine”).  After the machine flips and turns and stretches and squeezes and polishes and reworks the turd several dozen times, a slightly shinier turd comes rolling down the conveyor belt at the other end of the machine.

I pick up the enhanced turd (careful, it’s still hot) and start typing.  This is when the magic happens.  After much writing and editing and restarting and editing some more, I give up and push the “publish” button and, if all went well, there’s a beautiful shimmering turd on the screen.

If not, you get this.


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