Fact and Opinion

1. This? This is quite possibly the most perfect ice cream ever. The Turtle Sundae has stupid caramel. That’s what you call it when they put so much caramel in there that it’s just kinda stupid. I probably didn’t need to explain that.

2. Whenever I give the kids their baths, the two little ones always like to hang out in the bathroom with me and get in the way as much as possible. It gets a little crowded in there sometimes. So as I was brushing Big D’s teeth one day last week (yeah, I know he’s seven and he should probably start brushing his own teeth but he’s just not very good at it), I wasn’t all that surprised to hear him blurt out “Hey! Whoever’s touching my peepee needs to stop!” I still haven’t figured out how to hear a statement like that without responding “That’s what she said.” But I’m working on it.

3. Kelly just said “Those lists aren’t supposed to take that long at all.” Whatever that means.

4. Seriously, Kelly doesn’t think it’s all that funny when I let loose with a “That’s what she said” in front of the kids at the dinner table.

5. Yeah, I had to post because I was feeling guilty about Kelly posting more than me even with all the shit she has going on. And EVERYTHING is a contest with her.


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