un-com-fort-a-ble / uhn-kuhmf-tuh-buhl, uhn-kuhm-fer-tuh-buhl / (adjective):  1.  causing discomfort or distress; painful; irritating.  2.  in a state of discomfort; uneasy; conscious of stress or strain.*  3.  the feeling you get when you’re driving home from work and you pass one of your coworkers on the traffic-snarled interstate and you’re not sure whether you should wave at or just ignore them and keep driving because chances are you’re going to pass each other a few more times in this traffic jam so what are you supposed to do–wave at them seven more times in the next ten minutes?  Screw it.  Ignore them.  They don’t want to wave back anyway.  Dammit, they’re waving.  Now you’re an asshole for not waving.  You suck.


*Thanks, dictionary.reference.com!


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One response to “Uncomfortable

  1. Had to laugh at this one!

    I encounter this a lot and like you, I tend to ignore. It makes so much more sense and takes so little effort.

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