Fact and opinion

1.  Big D checked out a library book a couple of months ago and we can’t find it anywhere.  We’ve just been renewing it online and hoping that it shows up one of these days.

2.  I got four comments on my last post!  That’s quite an achievement for me.  The wife is so jealous it hurts.

3.  School started yesterday around here.  It’s always obvious that school has started because as soon as I pull out of our neighborhood on the way to work in the morning, I’m immediately in a mile-long traffic jam.  But I never see an actual school bus.

4.  The wife is probably gonna kick my ass for saying that she’s jealous of my blog.  Oh wait, my super-kick-ass blog.  What can I say?  The truth hurts.  Suck it up.

5.  I do have to give the wife credit for the list thing.  She has her Listy McListerson thing and I’m totally jocking on her bitch ass.



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4 responses to “Fact and opinion

  1. I’m not jealous. You don’t even KNOW me!

  2. here’s another comment for your hat, and I hope you find the book. those librarians are ruthless money grubbers.

  3. slashbe

    They still have libraries?!

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