The transitive property of gas prices

So I was putting gas in the car today (yeah, putting gas in the car, not filling up the car because I can only afford to actually fill it up once a year immediately after we get our tax return) when I noticed a guy walking around the pumps with a little red gas can.  He briefly stopped and talked to someone else pumping gas and then he started walking in my general direction.  It was one of those awkward “He’s Gonna Hit Me Up For Cash” moments.  So he goes into his spiel which involved doing some job for some guy who hadn’t showed up to pay him yet and now his truck ran out of gas just as he got to the gas station blah blah blah.  Being the big softy that I am, I pumped him a gallon of gas (the first guy must have given him a dollar’s worth because there appeared to be about half a cup of gas already in the can).  As I was pumping his gas, he joked about the sad state of the economy.  “You know it’s bad when I’m out here hustling for a gallon of gas.  Not some change, not a dollar, just gas.”  So the government oversees the economy, right?  And the president is presumably in charge of the government.  Therefore, by the transitive property of equality, I figure George W. Bush owes me approximately four dollars.  I want it in cash.  No, wait, how about Euros?  According to Google, that’s €2.57.  Geez.


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