Real Indianians #3

Unlike most Americans (actually all except Arizonans and Hawaiians), Indiana residents did not officially observe Daylight Saving Time until 2006.  You can read all about it here.  I can understand Hawaii wanting to stay on the same time all year long.  Since they’re closer to the equator and not so close to a major city in the next time zone over, it makes sense for them.  Arizona?  Beats me.  Nonetheless, Indiana was a little slow coming to the table.  And Real Indianians still complain about Daylight Saving Time to this day.

It’s a semi-annual ritual in Indiana for all the Real Indianians to complain about DST when the clocks are changed.  It’s especially fun in the fall when everyone complains about how early the sun sets, to remind them that it now sets at the same time that it always did before DST was implemented.  They don’t like it when you say that, by the way.

Growing up in Arkansas (which I never realized was so progressive until I moved away), I can’t remember Daylight Savings ever being that big of a deal.  You did it twice a year, no questions asked.  That’s just the way it was.  I know, I know.  If all your friends jumped in a lake, would you?  Um yeah, I probably would.

Honestly, I don’t necessarily see any great benefit from changing the clocks except that essentially the entire country does it.  It’s all about standardization.  Imagine if one state switched to the metric system for their speed limits:

“What’s the problem, officer?”

“I clocked you doing 80 in a 65.”

“No sir, I was only going about 50.”

“Listen, I don’t need no lip from some high-falutin’ Idahoan.”

You can see how things would devolve from there.

Somehow, DST is not just a minor nuisance in Indiana.  It’s a hotly debated political issue.  It tears families apart and threatens the very structure of Indiana society.  I know.  It’s hard to believe, right?  That’s what the gays wanting to marry each other are for.

Just so you know, I do understand that Indiana is located in a bad spot as far as time zones go.  I think we should probably be in the Central Time Zone instead of Eastern.  That’s a question that Real Indianians should consider.  If you want the Department of Transportation to do something about it, get involved.  Write your legislator.  Start a petition.  Turn cars over and set them on fire.  But no matter what, we should observe DST as long as the rest of the country does.



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2 responses to “Real Indianians #3

  1. wl3048

    Somebody from Indiana is a Hoosier, not an Indianan. To some, altough the numbers are dwindling, this is a still a burning issue. However to most (and to even those opposed to it) DST has become less of an issue since Hoosiers first switched their clocks 2 1/2 years ago. Just my opinion, but there’s bigger fish to fry out there……

  2. The Husband

    I completely agree. There are much bigger fish to fry. And it really isn’t as bad as everyone feared it would be.

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