I’m a hoosier, baby, so why don’t ya kill me?

Although I have lived in Indianapolis for almost ten years, I don’t really consider myself a “hoosier.”  In fact, I kind of detest the word.  Just the word–not the people, not the state, just the word.

I guess I prefer Indianan or Indianian or Indianese or Indianite or even Indian (but definitely not Indianer).  For one thing, “hoosier” always seems to come off as condescending even when someone has the best of intentions.  So it didn’t really shock me when I read on Wikipedia that hoosier is a derogatory term equivalent to “white trash” in some parts of the country.  Okay, just in St. Louis actually.  But still.  (And by the way, St. Louis? WTF?)

Of course, “hoosier” is way overused in these here parts.  The local newscasters love the word–“High gas prices are putting a damper on the summer plans of many hoosiers.”  Indiana politicians love it too–“With the economy in shambles, record high gas prices, and the subprime mortgage crisis, hoosiers need relief now more than ever.  And they need it in the form of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.”  You get the picture.  “Hoosier” is used the same way that presidential candidates use the word “Missoura” whenever they’re campaigning in Missouri.  “Shucks, I love Missoura.  Why, I’m just a plain ol’ hillbilly just like you folks.”

Whaaaaaaatever.  But seriously, St. Louis? WTF?


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